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Operating on a global platform, we continuously are striving towards expanding our markets and providing first-class service and expertise in the tobacco industry. We are proud to position ourselves as partners exclusively with private, medium-sized companies.

Argentina 70%
Zimbabwe 90%
Malawi 85%
Brazil 90%

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The Star Tobacco blog provides tips, tricks, and advice for improving business and doing better in manufacturing, leaf trade, tobacco recycle, and farmer sustainability. Follow us and be the first one to know!

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Serving Your Tobacco Needs

Our team utilize time and resources to maximize trade effectiveness.

Iqbal Lambat
Iqbal LambatCEO
Vildan Lambat
Vildan LambatCFO
Yiğit Özkurter
Yiğit ÖzkurterLeaf Operations Manager
Erdem Günaydın
Erdem GünaydınGroup Logistics Manager
Can Aksoy
Can AksoyFinance Manager
Beril Tüzüner
Beril TüzünerGroup Marketing & Communications Manager
Eray Özdemir
Eray ÖzdemirFinance Manager
Murtaza Kanchwala
Murtaza KanchwalaManager - Business Development & Strategic Planning
Taner Köksal
Taner KöksalGeneral Manager – Russia
Alper Çetin
Alper ÇetinSales Manager – Middle East & North African Region
Sabrine Amiri
Sabrine AmiriSales Manager – North Africa
John Özkaykı
John ÖzkaykıSenior Sales Manager – European Region
Efe Abdullahoğlu
Efe AbdullahoğluGeneral Manager – Global Cigar Region
Mehmet Ayyildiz
Mehmet AyyildizVice President – Asia/Group Finance Director
Rüştü Çalık
Rüştü ÇalıkManager – South East Asia
Teuku Mohammad Ikhsan
Teuku Mohammad IkhsanManager – Asia Special Regions
Atik Sugiarti
Atik Sugiarti Admin Manager – Indonesia
Nick Degenaar
Nick DegenaarGeneral Manager – Africa Region
Buds ‘Baldev’ Mistry
Buds ‘Baldev’ MistryGroup External Relations Director
Kamo Herney Monareng
Kamo Herney MonarengSales Supervisor – Africa
Leeann Relu
Leeann ReluAdmin Supervisor – African Region
Hugo Echeverria
Hugo Echeverria Vice President – South & Central America
Karine Beatriz Koch
Karine Beatriz KochAdmin Supervisor - Brazil
Julio Bernacki
Julio Bernacki Engineering Supervisor – Brazil